Layer Of Protection Analysis LOPA


LOPA is simplified form of risk assessment often used as an extension of process hazard analysis (PHA) to improve risk estimates and to comply with the IEC 61511/ ISA 84 standard, Functional Safety: Safety Instrumented System for the Process Industry Sector.   
LOPA combines both qualitative and quantitative elements of hazard evaluation and risk assessment to analyze and judge the adequacy of existing or proposed safeguards against process deviations and accident scenarios. LOPA is used to evaluate scenario risk and compare it with risk tolerance criteria to decide if the existing safeguard is adequate and if an additional safeguard is needed.

  • When and how to use LOPA and How to systematically create risk scenarios  
  • How to establish risk acceptance (risk tolerance) criteria for use within your company (this is also called development of ALARP criteria) 
  • How to calculate “as-is” risk for a causeconsequence pair: Estimate the frequency of the initiating event and estimate consequence 
  •  What is meant by “independence” and “uniqueness” with respect to IPLs 
  • How to use LOPA to determine the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) necessary for an instrument • IPL (to comply with the requirements of IEC 61508/61511)  
  • How other companies worldwide use LOPA to: 
              -  Decide which PHA/HAZOP recommendations to reject and which to accept 
              - Focus limited resources within mechanical integrity departments and operations on what is critical to manage risk to ALARP
              - Avoid wasting resources on quantifying risk using QRA methods 
              - Perform specialized risk modeling for facility siting questions  


  • Process Safety Concept
  • Overview of LOPA 
  • Use of LOPA 
  • Documentation and Example application 
  • Selecting scenario, Defining consequences, and Identifying initiating event and Enablers 
  • Identifying Independent Protection Layers( IPL) 
  • Use of failure rate data 
  • Estimating Scenario Risk 
  • Making Decision 
  • Worked Examples 

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