Process Safety Fundamental

Learn to understand the basic knowledge of process safety,  what is the process safety? Learn on how we manage and handling the potentially hazardous material, and how to ensure we have a way of managing complex process involved in the production facilities


  • Explore and review several process safety incidents in the past from different typical process industries 
  • Definition of Risk, tolerable risk criteria, ALARP 
  • The different between Process Safety and Occupational Safety 
  • Understanding of Process safety hazard and the consequence and how to mitigate the event. 
  • Understanding of  safety life cycle and how to manage and control the residual risk 
  • Hazard associated with specific plant system & equipment such as piping system, storage facilities, pump, fire heater, etc
  • How to perform hazard evaluation and assessment technique, such as process hazard analysis using HAZOP method. HAZID, What-if, and Bow Tie
  • Understanding of SIL, SIF, and SIS.
    - Introduction of LOPA and other SIL study method
    - Definition of IPL
    - LOPA methodology 

  • Understanding of Risk 
  • PHA 
  • SIL, SIF and SIS 
  • Safety Life Cycle 
  • Risk Assessment technique 
  • HAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, What if, Bow Tie 
  • Equipment layout

  • Manager: Operations, Safety & Executive
  • Engineer: Process, Safety, Instrument & Mechanical


Biaya Rp 3.000.000
Waktu 2 hari training, 08.30 - 17.00
Tanggal Mulai ditetapkan setelah ada 5 pendaftar, silahkan DAFTAR dahulu
Lokasi PETROS OIL GAS TRAINING, Jl.Raya Ragunan B3 Jatipadang Pasar Minggu
Fasilitas Modul, Lunch, Coffee Break
Jumlah Kursi 12
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