Process Safety Management

Learn how to ensure your PSM program meets your requirement and expectation and provides an in-depth study of each PSM element. Introduces each PSM element and the specific guidelines for integrating PSM element requirements into other corporate programs and evaluating program compliance throughout the implementation phase 


  • To interpret the performance-based requirements of the U.S.OSHA PSM and EPA risk management standards, as well as learn about related industry standards 
  • The elements of process safety that are missing from typical PSM systems, including Human Factors elements (communication, human system interface, work environment, staffing, and fitness for duty), Facility Siting element, Project Risk Management, Senior Leadership & Accountability. The Risk-Based Process  Safety (RBPS) guide (2007) from CCPS/AIChE is reviewed so you can understand how to close critical gaps 
  • Multiple options for implementing an effective need specific program 
  • Specific guidelines for developing cost-effective written programs tailored for each PSM element, whether for a single facility or a corporation 
  • How to avoid costly implementation mistakes 
  • Jargon for communicating PSM requirements to others throughout the organization 
  • How to develop written programs to meet PSM requirements 
  • How to incorporate and integrate the PSM element requirements into other corporate programs (other corporate management systems) 
  • How to evaluate program compliance throughout implementation


  • Overview of prevention program regulation 
  • Requirement for Compliance 
  • Employee Participation 
  • Process Safety Information 
  • Operating Procedures l Training 
  • Contractors 
  • Pre-Start-up Safety review 
  • Mechanical Integrity 
  • Hot Work Permit 
  • Management of Change 
  • Incident Investigation 
  • Emergency Planning & Response 
  • Compliance Audit 
  • Trade Secrets 
  • Key Performance Indicators, Leading Indicator, and Tracking 
  • Development PSM Programs 
  • Manager
  • Operations, Safety & Executive
  • Engineer
  • Process, Safety, Instrument, Mechanical, DCS & Field Operators


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Waktu 2 hari training, 08.30 - 17.00
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Lokasi PETROS OIL GAS TRAINING, Jl.Raya Ragunan B3 Jatipadang Pasar Minggu
Fasilitas Modul, Lunch, Coffee Break
Jumlah Kursi 12
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